All weddings require a deposit of $250 to secure your booking. Your booking is not secure until this deposit has been received. This is non-refundable as if you were to cancel I would have missed out on other bookings in the meantime. This $250 is then taken off your total quoted price. You will receive a confirmation message when your deposit is received. A minimum of four people is required to book a wedding. 

Depending on your location I may require a small travel fee to cover time and travel costs. Generally if it is going to take me less than half an hour to travel to you then it is free. I am happy to travel absolutely anywhere as long as travel is covered. 

Return travel to Waiheke is $250 which includes parking, ferry costs and travel time. I will also need you to organise someone to pick me up from the ferry terminal when I arrive, and drop me back after I have finished with your booking.

Sometimes your plans do change, if you need to make a cancellation please let me know as soon as possible. If a cancellation is made with less than 24 hours notice, 50% of your quoted fee is still payable. Anyone who is booked in and does not show up will be liable for the full price of their missed appointment.

Skin sensitivities
If you have any allergies or sensitivities you must let me know beforehand.

Makeup Team
I have a team of skilled qualified artists that I often work with, so in the unlikely case that I cannot attend to your booking for whatever reason, one of these artists will be able to come in my place.